I was a professionnal dancer and Soloist during 12 years. My training began to professionalize at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de La Réunion, and Centre Choregraphique of Chantal Brown. Then I left La Réunion to enter the Pôle National Supérieur de Danse Rosella Hightower, after I followed my education at the Rudra Béjart school. I had the chance to dance with the Béjart Ballet before I was hired immediately, first at Theater Basel, then 3 years at Nederlands Dans Theater II (NDT II), and in 2014 I returned to Basel as a Soloist dancer with Richard Wherlock as a Director. I love to teach, others push you to refine yourself constantly; my SAFE® BARRE diploma during the first lockdonw in 2020 had this magnifying effect on my vision of ballet and the biomechanic of the body. Than in summer 2020, I continued my certification with SAFE FLOOR. About SAFE FLOOR, I already knew its rapid effects of SAFE FLOOR because 2 years ago, through using videos, unmanageable worrisome pains in my left foot had disappeared, I knew I had to understand and expand my repertoire of SAFE FLOOR exercises to help my body which was daily solicited by the different choregraphies we were working at the Theater Ballet Basel. And SAFE FLOOR and SAFE BARRE certification completed the dancer that I was and the teacher that I am now.

Stage experiences :


Richard Wherlock : in the creation of "Comedy of errors", creation of "Tod in Venedig",creation of “Tweje”, creation of “Robin Hood” ,“Giselle”,“Milk and Honey”,“Swan Lake”, “Carmen”, “Boléro”

Sharon Eyal : "Salt Womb",“Sara”

Hofesh Scheter : “Violet kid” , "Grand Finale"

Pontus Lidberg : "Giselle" main role

Johan Inger : “Peer Gynt”,"Carmen", “Dreamplay”;  “I knew then”, in the creation “BRISA”, "BLISS"

Ed Wubbe : "Holland"

Stephan Thoss : “Die liebe kann tanzen” 

Bryan Arias : in the creation of "This is everything"

Itzik Galili : "Romance Inverse" 

Thomas Noone : in the creation of "Further" 

Jirì Pokorny : "Day without Night" 

Alexander Ekman : "COW", "CACTI", in the creation of “Left Right”,inthe creation of “Maybe two”

Marco Goecke : “Nichts”

Cayetano Soto : in the creation of “Siver Bullet” 

Jirì Kylìan : “Lieder”, “Gods and Dogs”, “Sleepless”, “One of a kind” 

Paul Lightfoot & Sol Léon : “studio 2”, “Shutters Shut”

Ohad Nahirin : “Minus 16”, “Humus”

Hans Van Manen : “Simple things” 

Lukas Timulak : “Offspring”

Ken Ossola : in the creation of “Fineline” 

Jirì Pokorny : "Doze" 

Douglas Lee : “Legion”  

Nacho Duato : “Duende” 

Maurice Béjart : ''Le Concour''